Change before you have to!

Digital Business Transformation
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Outthink the unthinkable

Who would have thought some months ago that a virus would lead us into the deepest economic crisis since the Second World War?

It proofs, it can happen very quickly and your business model is suddenly threatened from several angles: the competition is updating and expanding its digital offering, disruptors are breaking old product and purchasing patterns, legal changes are forcing you to introduce and expand digital structures. Or a virus comes along and turns everything upside down … Either way, you have to act quickly!

M.I.T adapts your existing business models to the new circumstances and designs the technological upgrading or conversion that comes along with it. At the same time, we think about the exploitation potential of existing data and information to create additional, meaningful digital business models, products or communication strategies. Your information advantage means a competitive edge!

As business analysts we offer the following services:

  • Today's markets require all players to adapt more quickly - and this often cannot be done without action and an external view into the company. We analyse your business model and analyse your communication and business processes. In doing so, we pay special attention to the following areas: Enterprise architecture, process optimization and business value.

  • Effective data analysis can turn previously unknown users into identifiable individuals and - if you do everything right - loyal customers. Together with you, we will raise your data treasure and analyse possible exploitation potentials.

We help you to adapt your business models and processes to new circumstances. M.I.T develops new, digital business models and products based on your enterprise potential.
The path from the desired technology to a successful launch can be a stony one. Therefore we design all processes for you and support you during implementation.
Based on the strengths and possibilities of your organization and products, we develop a suitable marketing strategy, taking into account all available digital and traditional communication channels

The holistic M.I.T Digital Business Transformation approach

M.I.T. performs an analysis based on existing business models and products as well as target groups. Taking into account current trends and technologies as well as existing company values and goals, a new “Transformation Business Model” is created. The new business strategy is based on this new model. Marketing, communication and IT are conceptually adjusted to the new requirements. Suitable innovation concepts are developed together with teams in the enterprise, which also clarify the necessary change processes in product development.


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